about me

IMPORTANT UPDATE: We’ve just returned from serving 2 years in Hungary – and you can read more about our time there at:  https://andersonfamily6.wordpress.com/

I now serve full-time pastorally at the Mattis Avenue Free Methodist Church, in Champaign, IL.

Born and raised a Michigander, I now find myself at home wherever our family serves the Kingdom together. My wife and I have four daughters, who are growing fast! I can roast a batch of green coffee beans in half hour using a wok, and I’ve won the bonus round on Wheel of Fortune. I love to speak to groups, both large and small; and I’m not afraid to be on stage.  But I’m humbled daily at how much God uses my children to help me grow, and how much more growing I have left ahead of me. anderson53.jpg

I look forward to what may come…


any thoughts?

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