the books

I’ve got 5 books available (Check out my Amazon Author Page!) so far, but hopefully more/improved stuff will come someday!


Toward the end of 2019, I experimented in my personal prayer times by writing a poem in response to a lectionary passage each day. There are 3 years (A, B, and C) in the Lectionary Cycle, and all are now available both in Kindle and physical formats!

Click here to grab your digital copy of our children’s book, “In a Land Full of Stuff” today! It’s a great way to teach your children about the LandFullofStuffCoverimportance of living a simple life, that allows us to give to others.  Thanks so much!!

(from the introduction of “Different: How God Can Use Parenting to Transform You Wholly”)

“..The truth is, even though as a young parent you know there are moments in every day life we need to be soaking in, “treasuring”, because they will pass…most of us want more than something vaguely sentimental. What if 10 years from now, when we walk past someone feeding their baby mashed peas at the mall play area, instead of thinking “I miss those days.” we could actually think to ourselves “I remember the incredible difference those days made in my life.” ?

I’m a pastor, and by nature of my profession and heart, I spend a lot of my time talking with teens and adults about areas of growing in following Jesus. Many of the ways we find helpful to growing in our faith are referred to as “disciplines”, because we have to work at them. These things don’t come naturally, but as they are practiced, offer quite a bit to who we are becoming. Praying regularly. Reading the scriptures. Attending worship, in a community centered on Christ.

One of the most significant moments in my life came, when realizing how much parenting offered as a “spiritual discipline”. When I opened the door to parenting as more than just a way to actively raise my children, or passively survive having kids at home; and embraced it as something that God could use to transform me as well…and well, I’ve never been the same. I’ve been DIFFERENT ever since.

In Revelation 21:5, God declares “Behold, I am making all things new!” I believe he allows us to join him in that “making all things new”, and that parenting offers much in regard to bringing redemptive transformation, both to us, and the world we live in. I invite you to open that door with me, not as someone who is looking back saying “I’ve done it all perfect, follow me.” but rather as someone in the trenches saying, “Wow, this can really be used by God to transform things…”

 (available NOW through Amazon Kindle for only $3.99, or iBook for $4.99! )

Or if you’re rich, or not wanting to E-Read it – buy a physical copy for a bit more!  I really recommend this route, even though it cost a few bucks more.  The physical book has gone through several edits, and has an extra chapter added to it!!

You do not need to own a Kindle/iPad to read the E-Book, simply buy the book,

and it will help you download the proper software for your computer/device!)

Hear what people are saying about the book:

“Your book is published!” – Amazon Kindle

“This is the kind of book YOU want to tell your friends about, before they tell you!  Buy your copy before it hits physical bookshelves around the universe!!” – Sarah Anderson (Wick’s wife)

“Thanks Dad.” – My daughter, commenting from the future where they have time-travel.


any thoughts?

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