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Genesis 4:1-16

When Eve knew Adam
She bore him a son
They produced a man
In a world undone

The boys were alive
As seen with the eyes
But as we read Genesis
We realize

That Adam & Eve both died in the garden
And death was their product of choice
So it shouldn’t surprise us to hear from Cain
And hear such a thing in his voice

“But they didn’t die”, an easy response
They simply were given consequence
They sewed their own clothes &
Had to live on the other side of the fence.

To our ways of measuring they seem alive
A problem we still face today
We nod at our abilities when we seem blessed
Never mind that we make our own way

Our own way is death
His Word reveals
Even though heartbeats & breath
Seem to easily conceal

Some people ask how we filled the world
From only one family at start
I think there’s a more significant question
One that begins in our hearts

The right question isn’t “how’d so many
Come from two original brothers?”
Rather- how’d we grow at all
with a nature
Of killing each other?

Jonah 4:1-11

We build our booths
While God builds a Kingdom
We know His songs
But would rather not sing them
Mercy for us and our beloved
While our enemies we’d rather shove
Under the full weight of what they deserve
Upset that God seems to grade on a curve

“For all have sinned and fall short”
He says

But we know some who are shorter.
They are the ones pushed out of our borders.
The ones we’d rather not his grace arrive.
Even though it’s the same grace
That keeps us alive.

Jonah 3:1-10

Why don’t we celebrate
That Nineveh turned?
When they turned around
As Gods’ anger burned?

We focus on Jonah
As he wants to run
How God sends a fish
And Jonah’s undone.

It’s told from his vantage
And so I suppose
It makes sense that this
Is how the story goes.

But what if we had
Ninevehs side?
When an entire community
Let go of their pride?

When a leader removed
His status and silence,
And called all who lived
To turn away from their violence

To repent from their ways
To hunger and thirst
God saw them sincere
And removed His own curse

A story of grace
A kingdom set free
A celebration of God
Where once wouldn’t be.

So as Jonah pouts
Look back to the King
And ask God how you
Might lead such a thing…

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