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united, in Love.

A reminder of pursuit
That which would not, on it’s own
Occur among the sheep
As they come before His throne

Divisiveness, so deeply written
In our daily grind
Hear the Holy Spirit here
To each soul, may He remind

How do we treat “the other”?
(Whoever that may be.)
It will either blind us further
Or enable us to see

Are they fodder for our humor?
Are they enemy or foe?
Are they someone we may forget
God’s call to Love and know?

Lord, show us as we humbly come
The “other” we’ve discarded
Grant our hearts to Love as You
Where we have been hard-hearted

There is no way we’d ever give
More than the Grace You’ve granted
May we now bear Your healing fruit
In Your Love, firmly planted

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The dawn arrives, bursting through clouds which were
allowed their moment to shine, but now was time for revealing
All the healing now possible as Christ has become Lord
A sword piercing death right through the heart, a start of something
So much greater than the rebels had in mind
Those who thought they’d find themselves at head of table
Find the man born in a stable has now made all able to dine
On food and wine from an age which is to come
The only begotten Son, firstborn from among the dead
Crown of thorns scar still visible across His head
Reminders to we for whom He bled…of Love.

Love that submitted to the worst of our munitions
His mission finally fully revealed, All Creation healed
And we, sealed by the Spirit for a Kingdom now beginning
Done with sinning, and not looking forward to winning
But having won, sun still setting on a past we’re letting go
Nurtured seeds now grow in fields of promised land
Standing on the shoulders of those who’d come before
Great clouds witnessing not about some yonder shore
But this world transformed, where what we see is not the norm
But a storm of redemption, flooding all we’ve ever known
Kingdom seeds now fully grown and bearing fruit
Corrupted systems moot, blown away from stem to root

As New Creation takes its place even now
His whole life was spent showing us how not to bow
Any longer to the patterns of this world, He hurled His gravestone into
The middle of an ocean of status quo – rippling out tsunamis long ago
Peeling back the layers of facade, in a world creating its own god
And failing, still today to fill our deepest void, annoyed when we can’t
Be charged by our own devices, and our vices lead only to crisis
That reveal the price is too high for us to pay the cost
Nowhere to turn, we look again to the cross
We see a life laid down, and a crown not seeking to control
But seeking to take our pieces and make all things whole
Starting right now, right here, within your soul

Letting you know you’re known, and dearly Loved
And He’s less concerned with getting you “up above”
As letting you know, in Him, you’re enough
That Kingdom would come on earth as where He is
And helping others see this, is why you are now made new
Not just to do, but to be
One brought to New Life completely
One who is not only glad to Live
But quick to forgive, slow to anger
Quick to find reasons to welcome the stranger
One whose life flows from their King born in a manger
One who Loves instead of hating
One fully participating in proclamation of Life made New
Looking through the lens of resurrection
Not just some day to come
But revealed now, as all else is undone
We look to the Son, rising
Realizing in this world where so many seek to be thriving
His Kingdom has already begun arriving.