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Philippians 1:21-30

To be so deeply loving Christ
He’s unsure which to choose
To die and be with Christ himself
Or stay alive so Christ may use

Paul wrestles briefly with this choice
(But for the readers’ sake-
As he himself is facing death
And knows their hearts would break.)

He wants every word to encourage
Whether he’s with them or apart
That they would live in ways that proclaim
And reveal their Saviors heart.

He knows that they are suffering
The same struggle that he had
And doesn’t sugar-coat the truth
Or tell them “it’s not so bad.”

He acknowledges what they endure
While drawing close together
That as they live by one spirit
No opponent can ever sever

Where God has brought salvation
By the gracious Love of Christ,
No enemy can stand against
Or charge a greater price

So stand firm, church, and know that Paul
Will do the same however he can,
And he will share in your gospel boasting
When he joins you again.

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1 Kings 19:1-8

I wonder if Elijah asked for some space
As he left his poor servant alone.
He wandered forward to the broom tree
And asked God to just take him home.

Discouraged at living a life on the run
He found all he needed in shade from the sun.

I wonder if the servant ever would hear
Just what had happened when angels came near
How God looked with pity on Elijah’s poor state
How when he came empty, God filled his plate.

I wonder if Elijah, filled with despair
Released his own servant, who hadn’t a care
Was it for his safety,
that he was released?
Surely he’d have stayed
If aware of the feast.
A cake made by angels
Deserving of praise
For on it, Elijah
Survived 40 days.