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John 21:1-14

“Children”, you called out your men
Asking if they’d caught some fish
Did they wonder who this man was
Who told them sides to switch?

Did you say it playfully
With loving brotherhood?
Or did you try to draw their ire
As if up to no good?

Their response is telling
For they did not get upset
They responded, trying the other side
And came up with overfilled net

Peter threw his clothes on,
and jumped into the water
I wonder if you thought he’d come
Swimming naked as an otter

I’d love to have seen your smile
As he reached the shore, soaking
And the smile that came to his face
As he saw your fire smoking

I’m sure you hugged him fully
Soaking through your clothes
With the kind of compassion
Only a Father knows

I see you every morning
Awaiting me, ashore
I know that you receive me
With a gladness just as pure

I confess that there are days
I stay too long in my boat
Wanting to be productive
Thinking my role is to stay afloat

If I am discouraged
Or have moments a bit too wild
I pray that you’ll call out to me
And begin by yelling – “child”.

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a reminder.

I could list reasons.  I could research, and post links to articles about the impact of nature on the human brain.  The dangers of living at the pace our world runs.  The need to reduce “screen time”.  The need to retreat from the noises of city.  The need to be reminded of natural beauty, over the manufactured beauty we’re sold daily.  Instead, I just want to whet your appetite, and remind you that your family needs some of this.  Ours did too.  This all took place in less than 24 hours, for less than 50 bucks.  Worth it.

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