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Philippians 1:1-11

The beginning of a letter
Compared to something like “Dear Church,”
Paul & Timothy began their words
So the people would not have to search

The words of the whole letter
Should be read through this appeal
Filled with thanks, full of hope-
That they’d know Gods’ love is real.

That God would bring to completion
All work that He’s begun
That even something like imprisonment
Cannot hold back the Son

He spoke with such compassion
Even though they were apart
He affirmed his desire to be with them
And knew they held him in their heart

A pastoral letter
From a shepherd to his sheep
Only something like prison bars
Would be strong enough to keep

Yet here is a reminder
The bars could not hold back
The Love of God revealed in Words
Strengthening for any attack

It comes as a reminder
For those of us with loving Words
To keep them unshared is something
Really quite absurd.

Genesis 12:1-4a

I bought some eggs from the store
SO THAT we could bake a cake
We filled the piñata with candy
SO THAT at the party, it’d break

I put some soap in the water
SO THAT the garments would clean
We purchased some clothes for our children
SO THAT they wouldn’t be obscene

She wore a swimming suit to the poolside
SO THAT she could jump in the pool
He was given a glass of ice water
SO THAT in the heat, he’d stay cool.

We wash our hands in warm water
SO THAT we get rid of the germs
When we buy a car, we read the fine print
SO THAT we’re aware of the terms

We hold the hands of our loved ones
SO THAT they know we are near
We wrap our arms around children
SO THAT they know Love over fear

Abram received the Lords’ blessing
And through it sometimes so are we
But tragically we receive it
And are often content just to BE.

Next time you notice a blessing
(Slow down, you’ll see where it’s at.)
Be sure to look back to the source of it all
And ask what may be His “SO THAT”.

Isaiah 58:1-12

We pray for light in darkness
For quenching dry, parched lands
On behalf of future generations
As if we are unable to play a hand

We are desperate for something
We will gather in arenas
We raise our hands in colored lights
And wonder if God’s seen us

We’ll turn up all the volume
And follow influencers
We will even turn off everything
As if silence gives us answers

Meanwhile God has spoken
And must wonder if we’ve heard
Or if we’d simply prefer
He’d given different Word

He says to end oppression
And every form of yoke
He will unleash streams of blessing
As chains of poverty are broke

If we go out and feed the hungry
Bring the homeless into ours
Clothe those who are uncovered
Trusting He will water our flowers

It’s good to pray for movement
His Lordship He wants to prove
But remember in our praying
He’s empowered us to move

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