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1 Corinthians 15:19-28

Reflections on resurrection.
On closer inspection we find
God has signed the deed
For all we need
As we’ve been freed from the bondage of
Even death
Our final breath will not be our last
We’ve passed the point of no return
As Christ has given what we could never earn
(Started when we weren’t even concerned.)
With Adam, all things were changed
Creation rearranged
Our relationship with God – estranged

But here – quite clear
that when Christ came near
Unthroned all sources of fear
New Life went out
Spreading deeper than sin ever had
Because we were not “bad”
We were infected
But now the stone that was rejected
Has become our cornerstone
Taken His throne
Called us His own.
And from this view –

We see all things. New.

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1 Corinthians 15:12-20

Because she has loved me
She will love me.

As the sunset is bursting with beauty
So the sunrise will be beauty filled.

The way this toy boat floats
So also an aircraft carrier.

The whimsy of a floating balloon
Increases as you release it.

If A = B = C
A = C

If an impossibility happens
The impossible is possible.

In the same way
Paul uses logic
To prove the illogical.

The first fruits
From a New tree.
Foretaste of what will be.

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1 Corinthians 15:1-11

Paul writes to remind Corinth
Of the good news he’s proclaimed
No longer do they worry about
By what people group they’re named

They’re continually being saved
By the Christ-centered good news
That through His resurrection
We’ve all become infused

This New Creation power
That brought Jesus New Living
Is the same that’s offered each of us
Freedom and forgiving

Release from what has bound us
Renewing of mind and heart
So many saw him walking around
And that was only the start

He appeared to over 500
And then appeared to James
And even appeared to Paul
As he was persecuting in God’s name.

By the grace and power at work in us
Even more will believe
For when they welcome New Creation
It is Jesus they receive..