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1 Corinthians 15:1-11

Paul writes to remind Corinth
Of the good news he’s proclaimed
No longer do they worry about
By what people group they’re named

They’re continually being saved
By the Christ-centered good news
That through His resurrection
We’ve all become infused

This New Creation power
That brought Jesus New Living
Is the same that’s offered each of us
Freedom and forgiving

Release from what has bound us
Renewing of mind and heart
So many saw him walking around
And that was only the start

He appeared to over 500
And then appeared to James
And even appeared to Paul
As he was persecuting in God’s name.

By the grace and power at work in us
Even more will believe
For when they welcome New Creation
It is Jesus they receive..

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Colossians 3:12-17

If you’re wondering what to wear today
And celebrated Jesus’ passion
Then what you put on is more about heart
Than what’s the latest fashion.

Compassion means “to suffer with”
And kindness softens words
Humility puts others first
And meekness seeks to serve

Patience lets us bear with Love
Forgive as He’s forgiven
Such Love is what we’re bound together by
And life from which we’re living.

The peace of Christ that rules our hearts
Over all competing Lords
Allows us to be filled with thanks
Making ploughs out of our swords.

When the Word of Christ dwells richly
With gratitude in our hearts
No matter our particular place
We will each contribute our parts

In the chorus of creation
The symphony of praise
And we will find eternity
Is filled with just such days

To do whatever the day invites
In the nature & Love of Christ
Not imagining the power we wield
But honoring His Sacrifice.

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Matthew 27:57–66

When someone dies before their time
Not a single person is ready
We allow anyone to offer help
For their hands can be more steady

A disciple from the fringes?
A rich man just converted?
Joseph of Arimathea came
When he had been alerted.

He helped to wrap the body
As all creation watched and mourned
The heaviest of weight in grief
In their stomachs continued to form

Yet even as their tears were moist
Rome was staying in the loop
The Pharisees has warned them
Of deception possible by His group

The worst thing that could happen
Would be to let them pretend He rose
And so the tomb was well guarded
By His enemies and foes.

The heavy stone was rolled in place
And guards stood just nearby
The women slowly walked away
As all the cosmos sighed.

I wonder if creation could
Feel something New was brewing?
Or if even the birds and fish
Had no idea what the creator was doing…