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I finally made sure the second year of daily lectionary poetry is available on Amazon! It was written in response to daily scripture readings from Lectionary Year “B”, but the poems can obviously be read/enjoyed however and whenever you want. So whether you’re my mom, or my kids 20 years from now, you can finally have access to a few hundred more of my poems!! Lol. In all seriousness – I do hope these words can be a blessing to anyone who discovers them. Writing them has continued to be a beneficial practice for my mind and heart each day…



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Revelation 3:1-6

To the messenger in Sardis
From Jesus, Lord of all
He who holds all in His hands
And lifts us when we fall

Lord, You know what we have done
Yet doing is not living
Your words examine our remains
For anything You’re giving

You call us out from sleeping clothes
Awaken from our slumbers
Come and strengthen what remains
Free from what encumbers

Our works are fully incomplete
Offered in our own strength
We know the depth, Lord, of Your grace
Show us now the length

May we be called “Alive” by You
Not only by consumers
May Your Kingdom come today
Not only songs and rumors

We hear your Word, attentive ears
Humbled to confession
We will conquer, not by works
But by Your intercession

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Psalm 1

Psalm 1

Blessed are those who know Your Word
The Way You’ve died to reveal
Happy are these who, by such things
Become Your Will to heal

They who are not followers
Of ways the world has shown
They who bear Your Spirits’ fruit
From seeds Your Word has sown

They are like trees near water
Like solar cells near sun
Lives that soak and also proclaim
The Truth, Your Kingdom, come

Not blessed by mere proximity
But blessed as they draw in
Your present gracious Love for us
Offered again and again

Today, may I not only come
To know that You are near
May I know You as source of Life
Not only God to fear

Watch over me, Lord Jesus now
I breathe slowly, Your breath
That Love which conquered all unlove
That Life which conquers death