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Matthew 12:38-42

Sometimes looking back
We look forward
Toward the future held in store
What was so much more
Than we originally knew
What will we do
Now that we know?

If we go on as if what has happened isn’t for us?
We miss the bus.
Will we trust in what God has spoken?

The story of Jonah wasn’t a token
An island event unattached
It matched the heart of God being revealed
A God who healed
And who has dealed with us in so much grace
Offering place
So we’d stop running our own race
Slow our pace
Turn away from disgrace
Turning toward Him
It must begin, within
But not remain unseen
If we know what love means
It arrives on the shores of our lives

(this was all in response to Jonah
We live in an era that is much later,
And have celebrated something even greater!)

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Ezekiel 1:1-3, 2:8-3:3

While among the exiles,
Ezekiel had visions from God
God remembered His people
And the path they trod

Even though they were a people
Separated from their land
God would soon remind them
He’d not removed His hand

The words were sweet to the prophet
A reminder of God’s presence
But soon it would be realized
That was only the essence

The tangible specifics
May be uneasy to swallow
Because Gods people had chosen
Their ways, not Gods, to follow

The words required were bitter
Though ultimately sweet
Thankfully for Israel
Ezekiel was willing to eat

What scroll is laid before us?
What messages to share?
Are we willing to speak of Gods Love
When our humanity’s laid bare?

Will we speak the difficult words
Of repentance God requires?
Or will we be content to hear
The words from other choirs?