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1 Peter 2:19-25

It is a sign of grace
If you suffer while doing right
But if you suffer while doing wrong
There’s no reason for you to fight

We don’t do what’s asked of us
In order to pay Caesar’s price
We walk forward humbly in Love
To reveal the Love of Christ

We don’t shake our fist and declare
“Jesus sets us free!
From following laws of men and so
We can live disobediently!”

But if, when showing love
Or offering unmerited grace
We find ourselves being cast aside
Or even just losing face

We look to our example
Christ – who did no wrong
Even though loving others
Put Him in chains He didn’t belong

He endured through suffering
Without demanding His rights
He trusted realities we couldn’t see
When others called Him to fight

By His wounds we have been healed
We, sheep who’d gone astray
So instead of asking “how can I be free?”
We’d ask “how can I Love?” today.

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Hebrews 10:4-10

It’s impossible for bulls and goats
To take away our sin
Because of this, prophetic words
Were spoken as Christ came in:

“Sacrifices and offerings
You have wanted not,
Neither burnt nor sin offerings
(Even though they have a lot.)

But a body you’ve prepared for me
And your will I’ve come to do,
I’m written of in the scroll of the book
And I’m here to see it through.”

He offered His own body
A Holy sacrifice
He wasn’t just following the law
Or paying a required price

Some reduce it to equation
Settling a debt from way back when
But God could’ve simply destroyed creation
And started over again.

There is Love in His redemption
Fulfillment of all things
To abolish all need for offerings burnt
By prophets, priests or kings

He’s all three, and leads His people out
Where freedom has arrived
By His own blood, He sets us free
And we are sanctified.

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1 Samuel 15:32-34

A difficult passage of scripture
Only a few short verses long
It won’t inspire much poetry
And wouldn’t make for a song

Saul disobeyed an order
And left Agag alive
The leader of Gods enemies
Still had a chance to thrive

Agag led people against Israel
On more than one occasion
He stood in the way of God revealed
Through a called out nation

God had given a response
For all Agag represented-
In order for the world to see Gods’ Love
Agag needed to be ended

What are the things we’re allowing
That God would command to die?
What keeps the world from seeing Him
When they see you and I?

So often we allow small things
Proclaiming Jesus is still Lord
But look, here comes Samuel now
Wielding the prophets’ sword…