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Well, what a weekend!!  We had a great time with everyone from church on Sunday, as usual.  Then partied hard at my house watchin’ a little Napoleon Dynamite, and knockin’ back some tots. (tater, of course)  We hit the sack a bit late that night, but with all the sleepin’ we did on Saturday, it was fine.

We left bright and early Monday morning for Decatur.  Right when we got there, we stopped by the mall, and set up new cell phone numbers for both Sarah and I.  MY VERY FIRST PERSONAL CELL PHONE!!  Whoo hoo!  Anyways, yeah…I’m stoked.  My new number is cool.   Sarah’s is exactly the same, except for one number.  Try and guess what it is.  It’s more fun that way.  Anyways, after we left there, we went to her parents’ house, and made some calls.  I set up an interview for 1:30 at a Christian Home for DD Adults. (DD = Developmentally Disabled)  We waited around a bit, got some lunch on the run at Krekels (kinda like Culver’s), and took me to my interview.  It didn’t last long, and after a surprisingly short set of questions, she asked me if I could start tomorrow!!  PTL!!  After all the runnin’ around other places have given me, this place was definitely a godsend.  Who knows how long I’ll be working there, months…years..?  Right now I’ll be working full time shifts from like 3pm-11pm weekdays.  That will give me days with my incredible wife, and to work with local churches/etc.  And she knows I want to pursue traveling/preaching as well, and want a ministry job.  So she’s trying to help me out, which is way cool.  Benefits stink like roadkill, but thankfully I can keep the church’s insurance for a bit longer, just pay the premium myself.

SO anyways, after I GOT A JOB, we went and set up a bank account, and found out Sarah Nicol still had an account there.  So we changed the name to Sarah Anderson and added me, and she had like $30 in her account already! FREE MONEY!!!:)  So we had cell phones, a job, a bank account….we needed a place to live.  At 5:30, we went to the apartments, and signed the lease…it’s a big 2 bedroom apartment, with a storage room downstairs.  It’s actually pretty nice.  We can’t keep Bixie there, which stinks….but Sarah’s parents rock, and will care for her for us for now.  We can keep Starbucks though.:)  So then we had cell phones, a job, bank account, and an apartment!!!  Things are comin’ together.  We went back for cake and ice cream for her brothers’ birthday.

This morning we got up leisurely, and hit the road 4 hours back here to CR.  Our car will be thankful for the rest after we move, definitley.  I drove the whole way, cause I’m the man.  I’m not really “macho” or anything, I just see it as another way I can love my wife.  Like pumping the gas, or carrying a heavy box for her. 🙂  She likes driving, and sometimes I let her on long trips.  Or when I have a really really really good book to read.  On the way home I got a call from Jamie Ross…..we’re talking about me being the speaker for her Youth Groups (200+ students) Summer Trip!!!  WHOO HOO!!  My first official “gig” as a speaker!!  So anyways, I’m pretty stoked.  I have faith…God is leading us towards some incredible things, and I can’t wait to see what all it involves.  For now, I know I’ll have the opportunity to love some of those who society doesn’t always love the most…and I’m excited about it.  Yes, mom…even if it means cleaning up their poop.  On that note…God bless…and Amen…:)



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  1. wow kid. incredible. i was just thinkin bout you the other day and here you are. yikes, lemme know how all is going with you. im sure God is rockin the world with you! GREAT to catch you bro. holla back!
    Jordan Ravellette

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