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Slavery TODAY

Things I’ve learned recently that others need to know: (if you already know and can’t believe my ignorance at having just found out…sorry) 🙂

– There are over 27 MILLION people in slavery RIGHT NOW around the world
– There are more people in slavery NOW than back in trans-Atlantic slave trade
– 50% of the victims are children
– 17,500 foreign nationals are trafficked INTO the UNITED STATES every YEAR

Kudos to Zach Hunter, for being God’s person to shed some light in the darkness on this issue. At 15 years old, making a difference, and showing us that each one of us can do the same.

We’ve all watched/learned about slavery back in the day. We’ve all thought to ourselves, “surely if I were alive back then, I would’ve taken a stand”. Well…here it is. Happening right under our noses. Happening all over the world. What are we doing? What are YOU doing? What am I doing?

So maybe you’re thinking right now, “What can I do?”

1. AWARENESS. Post a blog, tell your friends, tell your family, spread the word that slavery has not yet ended!! Check out for more information, and to sign up as a modern-day Abolishonist!!

2. DO SOMETHING. More than just short term. Fundraisers are great, and our youth group will be doing the 30 Hour Famine in late April, etc… But how about doing something long-term? Adopt a child through , which allows one life at a time to be free from any chance of bondage! Can’t afford to do it on your own? How about talking with your family about doing it together? Or your small group…or your youth group…..or your bible study at school….or….etc.

3. LEARN MORE. Visit or read Zach Hunter’s book called “Be The Change”, and pray for God to show you ways you can be used to CHANGE the world around you. YOU are not too young. YOU are not too old. YOU are not too (anything) for God to use you RIGHT NOW.

Jesus calls us as believers, no matter what our age or situation…to be ACTIVE in the area of social justice. Right now, there are millions living in unjust situations across the globe. YOU can help.

Feel free to post what you’re doing…..whether it be a one time, short term thing…or a blog….or adopting a child/children….or if you disagree completely. Post your comments here!!! Be encouraged!


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