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beware the symbiant…

..saw Spiderman 3 last night. Just for the record, yes I thought it had a lot of cheese in it. Did I also enjoy it? Definitely. Maybe it was just because these episodes of the cartoon were always my favorite….but I thought this was the best of all 3 movies by far. Hats off to Stan Lee.

Don’t you wish the main evils of our life could be dealt with in one 2.5 hour long episode? Of course, in the movie several days pass. So how about we’re just enabled to press fast forward to the point where that ugly part of ourselves is conquered?

There are new websites out there, where people are enabled to confess their sins online. My initial response was, “wow, what a hip church”. But as I thought about it, I don’t think I’m a fan of it at all. Confession helps us to deal with the guilt that comes from doing something we believe is “wrong”. When we release that guilt by confessing to a person who is in our life, or a God we believe is always with us…it helps us stay accountable to not repeat that offense, and helps free us from the guilt in a positive way.

I’m sure it can help some….if they’re truly confessing to God. But if I’m just logging on, writing out things I’ve done wrong, being released from guilt, and going on with my life….I think we’re missing some HUGE designs for how we respond to God. That’s my 2 cents.

So the question….from the movie, and from life….what is your “symbiant”? What is it in your life that seems to “bind” to your very being, bringing out the worst in you? If your worst quality was highlighted so that it took over your entire self…what would you look like to other people?

For me? Pride. I get so freakin’ proud sometimes, and want pats on the back all around. Thank God I married a humble woman. She helps me remember…and live like I remember.



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