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…I know.

Okay…so the Wings are currently down in the series 3 games to 2. If they lose tuesday night it’s over. But if they win Tuesday night, we go to our first GAME SEVEN of the year!!! WHOO HOO. THAT would be some unbelievable hockey, no matter who wins. Hopefully it happens.

Life’s been a rush lately. Not so much comparable to trying to swallow a deluge coming over a waterfall, but more like rolling the window down on an open country road and sticking your head out to enjoy the wind. Maybe catching a bug or two in your mouth along the way, but overall a very positive experience.

And it looks like the window will be open for a while longer…Wednesday night we leave for a week, which will include visiting my room-mate from college (Scot Kraemer, click the link on the right)…doing my brothers’ wedding in Virginia…and a few vacation days up in New York City! Hoping to check out the Jacques Torres Chocolate Shop….that’s pretty much my only goal in NYC. I’ve been there once before with the BURPO brothers …but Sarah’s never been. Hopefully I’ll have some sort of internet access while out of state…we’ll see.

I’ve begun reading “Religious Literacy- What Every American Needs to Know, and Doesn’t”. Parts of it are a bit shocking, but then again, I’m more ignorant than I realized also. This book NEEDS to change the life of it’s reader. I like books like that. Probably why I’m also a big fan of La Biblia Santa also.



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