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John Wesley Mason…1920-2007

Today we honor a man who deserves to have a whole ‘lot more said about him than I ever could. I’ve only known John Mason since starting here at Moundford a little over a year ago, but I have admired him all along the way.

John had the “happy old man face” I’ve always talked about wanting. The face that smiles without effort, because it’s what he spent so much time doing for 87 years. And it wasn’t a smile based on lunacy. It was the legitimate joy that so many of us pretend to have so often, flowed through his being like blood…probably even better.

John has a love for people. ALL people. Didn’t mean he likes everything everyone did…and if he disagrees or didn’t understand something, he would tell you (and those around you.). But John loves people, and has a HUGE heart for children/youth especially…commenting so much in the past year his love and God’s love for these special ones in which the future of God’s Kingdom rests.

John is a family man. You could tell his sons, their wives, their children, and their children’s children….share a priority that God had given them to Love each other towards God. I’m only now beginning to understand how much it means to me to have brothers who I can share life with as an adult, and lift each other up in prayers/encouragement.

John infected and continues to infect others with his energy, and his passion for loving people towards God. If something needs to be done, NOW is the best time to do it. If there’s someone who can be shown God’s love, NOW is the best time to show it.

May we all leave such a mark on the lives around us…thank you God for John.



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