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So here is just how cute it can be when a 14 month old realizes the girl she sees on the screen of my phone is herself being recorded….

Haven’t heard anything from Wheel of Fortune yet…sometime between now and January 17th we’ll get our prizes. For now….we look at dishwashers, and do our research, and pay our bills. 🙂

Meanwhile, life is good. Redwings are doing well. Lovin’ these teenagers and their families, and God is revealing new aspects of His heart. Reading some really good stuff (studies in Galatians, Random Design, and a couple others), and listening to some great words from different podcasts lately (Imago Dei, ONU chapels, NTS chapels, etc.). So many great free ways to connect with God.

Fall is great. Any day I can wear a hoodie and flops together is a good day. 🙂



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