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Vegas in a nutshell….

Whew…we’re back. We celebrated 5 years filled with incredible things…with 5 days of incredible things. (even the unplanned 5th day that was just nice cause we were together…that’s married life) Here’s a QUICK synopsis of our trip!!!

Day one – Fly out early in the morning, land in Vegas around 9:30am. Visited The Venetian, walked the streets of Venice, had dinner at MGM Grand at Wolfgang Puck’s, dessert at some funky Italian cafe, and saw David Copperfield!

Day two – Slept in/got up early to read. Went to the streets of Paris for brunch, an INCREDIBLE buffet from 5 different provinces of France…then over the New York for some fun. Next we went to the Excalibur for a dinner show “Tournament of Kings”….and walked through Planet Hollywood/Miracle Mile Shops and saw the Bellagio light show on the way back to our hotel, Treasure Island.

Day three – Slept in/got up early to read. GIANT breakfast buffet at our hotel. A little more relaxed today, cause our feet were dying after yesterday. Went to “Fashion Show” – mall with tons of stores, and a regular fashion show every hour that comes up out of the floor. A little rainy today. Went back to the Venetian for a Gondola ride, some gelato and some street shows. Then over to the Wynn to see Spamalot…HILLARIOUS! Sarah even smiled once or twice.

Day four – Slept in a bit…checked out, and headed over to the Bellagio for an incredible breakfast, and some neat Christmas decor. Then walked over to the Miracle Mile Shops until returning to our hotel for the airport shuttle. Feet hurting, missing our daughter, and tired….our flight was cancelled because of weather. We spent the night at a Hampton Inn near the airport. (pretty nice place!)

Day five – Weren’t sure if we could even get home today. Lived at the airport a few hours, reading/shopping/relaxing (as much as you can at an airport with hundreds of slot machines dinging) until finally able to fly home!!! Slept in our own beds after holding Addie while she slept for a bit.

Here’s one last image….it’s called “Sin City”…so I figured I should sin at least once. Exhibit A: me coveting someone else’s million dollars.

UPDATE: God has forgiven me.

A few tips we learned:
– Never accept advertisements on the street. 🙂
– If you’re eating at any of the major hotels (Paris, Venetian, Bellagio, MGM, etc), just go the buffet!! Same prices, and incredible food, and as much as you want!!
– Sometimes it rains in the desert.
– Buy the all-day pass on the Deuce to get around.
– Even if you think things are close, be prepared to walk 10 miles to get there.
– SMILE MORE – the city was filled with men and women who had not smiled much in their lives. They had permanent frowns. Start working on your happy old person face today!



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