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Some Symbolism…

We were taking communion last night, and I had gum in my mouth. I didn’t feel bad about it though, because I love gum, and almost always have some in my mouth. It’s just the matter of getting through communion without anyone else knowing you’re not only chewing the elements, but some minty fresh gum as well.

I’ve gotten better and better at this. Allow the bread and the wine (grape juice) to just slide right past, as I tuck the gum into the corner of my mouth. It almost doesn’t affect my gum chewing at all. At least, as far as anyone else can see.

Truth is…it really does affect my gum chewing. No matter how much I try to not let the square of bread, or cup of wine (again…grape juice) affect my mouth, they do. The residue of the eating/drinking experience. The tiny grains of bread, or leftover taste of grape.

The gum never quite tastes the same as it did before. Almost sometimes to the point where I’d like to spit it out. But did I mention how much I love gum?

So I just keep chewing. My bland, communion filled gum.
Maybe someday I’ll spit it out. Or just find a brand new piece.

Or maybe…I should get rid of the gum altogether. Allowing myself to focus 100% on the taste and texture of the Eucharist. Could that be better than gum?



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