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Winter Classic 2008

So I know many of you Illinois people will be watching the Rose Bowl at about 4pm Central Standard Time. I promise to watch it along with you, and even be excited for the team from U of I. On one condition: Start your parties at noon.

Because at 12 noon (CST) on January 1st, a moment in history occurs. The first US outdoor NHL game will be played!!!! You ALL can watch as the Buffalo Sabres take on the Pittsburgh Penguins, on NBC.

In case you need more encouragement, here are a few reasons to watch:

1. See NHL greats like Sidney Crosby and Ryan Miller pushed to their physical limits. The temperature will most likely be in the 30’s, with snow showers and gusty winds possible. The sun might even play a role, as shadows will mess with goalies minds, and we may even see players using visor shades.

2. See the game played from new vantage points. Utilizing the cameras that are already set up for the Buffalo Bills games, will provide new abilities to stay with the action, and see it like never before!

3. If you stayed up really late to watch the ball drop, you’ll probably just be getting out of bed around 10-11am. What better way to start the day than watching Hockey?

4. The Red Wings don’t play that day…so really…what else have you got to do?



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