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for my daughters…

Today, I lift up my daughters, Sophie Grace….and Addison Elizabeth.

Not quite like Mufasa allowing Rafiki to lift up Simba so the other animals can bow….more like me just publicly making a prayer for both of them. God is good. I’m thankful for their lives, for the futures that lay ahead of them, and that I get to be involved in raising/loving them. I pray about a million things for the years to come, and for their relationships with God, our family, and others. But in reality, there are immediate prayers too. 🙂 More than I could list, but here’s 2.

For Sophie. That she would learn how to poo. I can’t imagine being at a stage where you have to poop so often, and not knowing how. The grunts she makes on a regular basis make you wish somehow you could just transfer that knowledge to her. Someday, Sophie…you’ll get the hang of it. And it rocks.

For Addison. That she would know how much her parents love her. She’s so excited for “baby!” to be here, she’ll climb on Sophie just to get close. Asking her to be careful sends her off crying at times. What’s going on in her mind/heart…we can’t know. But a lot is happening. May God bless your new independence as well, we’ve seen your imagination grow steadily!

The new routine is working so far. The diaper champ never filled up so quickly. We go to bed not long after Addie has. The car has a full back seat and trunk. Hopefully we’ll get settled in to a normal routine just as Playoffs begin. 🙂 (not so that I can ignore the family and watch hockey, but so that we can all enjoy them together, as God intended.)



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