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update…2-1 Detroit…

Moment of honesty: Yes, Detroit lost last night to the Nashville pred-heads. Along with that comes the question: Am I worried?

Not really. (except for my brother, who apparently changes loyalty based on locale…pssh..)

Out of 180 minutes of hockey (3 games), Nashville has been in the lead for around 3 minutes of play. Detroit has clearly dominated the series so far, but Nashville got a couple lucky breaks late in the game last night. So perhaps it will take us 5 games to close this series….but we will do it.

Lidstrom is strong as ever, Franzen is just as hot as the end of the season, Zetterberg and Datsuk are getting scoring chances. Lebda’s been a healthy scratch for some reason…probably because McCarty is back…but I guess that’s a good switch for a while. We won 3 cups with McCarty, so we know he can handle the stress of a long playoff run.

Nashville’s doing some dirty hits on Cleary…and a few have gone uncalled for some reason. This guy just got his jaw unwired, and is still wearing a jaw-guard. You can see them almost aiming directly for his head with the hits….which is a bit ill.

But I guess when you’re desperate, and playing against the Dynasty….you do desperate things.

Ah well…5 games it is….



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