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How’d You End up There? (pt.3)

Even after graduating as a “Radio Marketing Specialist”…hehe….I decided I needed to find a new job…so the search continued.

That’s when I heard about a sales opening for a company called “Pitney Bowes”. I had no clue who they were, but the salary sounded a bit more solid than the “unlimited” back in radio. Taking my 3 months of sales expertise, I was confidently making stuff up through the interview, and was offered the job!!

Come to find out, Pitney Bowes is the company that sells those machines that puts the red mark instead of postage on envelopes at businesses, etc. And apparently, in 2006 all of those machines needed to be updated, because laws were changing, requiring that everyone have a digitally updating machine. What does that mean?

It means that if you worked for Pitney Bowes between June of 2005, and June of 2006, like me….you didn’t have to be a great salesman. The government was requiring that every single one of your customers buy a brand new machine!!!! Sure, I made a few new sales, and a few I was very proud of (did you there are GIANT machines that print/fold/stuff/seal/and post and envelope all in one?)….but for the most part…..the timing was a miracle.

It was during those days that we bought our first home, and subsequently found out we were expecting our first child!! The foundations were being laid, and our family was being realized. 🙂

I have many stories from my time with PB as well…most of which I wouldn’t blog about. I wouldn’t want to offend any of the co-workers or the company in general. But if you’re ever curious, hit me up.

The radio stations I worked for were situated in small town, USA. So even with the “sales” mentality, there came a soul. Pitney Bowes was my first experience in a global corporation, and sales were definitely another thing. Around May-ish….the government-induced excitement had died down a bit, and my manager noticed my sales were slacking.

In a private meeting, he got very serious, and asked me, “Chadwick, do you really think this is the job for you?” Oh man….it was so hard to keep my excitement, and convince him I would try harder.

I would have been panicking….except that a week before that, we’d heard about an opening at a friends’ church. Could it be? I was at risk of being “found out” as a horrible salesman, at the same time as a full time ministry opportunity was found?

It was around May-ish…2006…..



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