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a fan grows up…

So if you’ve seen me around lately, you may notice a bit more facial hair than usual. It may even seem as if I’ve stopped shaving altogether.


It’s not because I’m lazy, although I do enjoy not worrying about it. It’s not because I’m a youth pastor, and have the freedom to not care about my physical appearance. It’s definitely not because my wife enjoys me becoming a hairy monster.

Why? I dunno really. Back in High School, even even most of college, I couldn’t grow much facial hair. So that aspect of being a FANatic never struck me. But over the past few years, I’ve committed to some solidarity with the hockey players who yearn for the cup, and show it more and more the closer they get to it. For more info on why it all started, check this out. (and no worries, I change my underpants no matter who wins)

Granted, not all NHL players give up shaving for the playoffs. But many of the greats do. Here are some pictures of those greats sporting their playoff faces…

Basically, I have a few traditions I follow during games I watch, etc….but this is one tradition I can take with me anywhere, and display publicly. So now, instead of thinking to yourself “how disrespectful, wish that boy would shave”….you can think “man, that guy really wants his team to win the Cup”.

Sure….there’s plenty of Spiritual applications you can make with all this…I’ll let you find them.



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