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tonight’s win over colorado…

Okay, so Peter Forsberg will be back again for the Av’s tonight. They’ve been crying long enough, and blaming their bad play on his absence…it’ll be nice to see them lose with him.

True also that they’re playing on home ice tonight….which would have normally been an advantage. With Forsberg back, they might have even had a small chance. But tonight….they’ve announced that goalie Jose Theodore will be in net again.


Game One: Jose (joe-say) started in goal, and was removed for a different goalie after allowing 4 goals in a row. No more goals were scored. Wings win.

Game Two: Jose started in goal, and was removed for a different goalie after allowing 4 goals in a row. One more goal was scored. Wings win.

Game Three? They’re going to start him again!!!! Well, I suppose 3 strikes and you’re out applies to the Colorado Av’s right now. Wings will win, and hopefully for some crazy reason, they’ll try to start Jose again for game 4. 🙂 We can hope.

As for Ozzy? A brick wall. Especially when compared to Jose.

As for our next opponent, it looks like Dallas may be making San Jose bow out. That’d be nice, because San Jose seemed to be everyone’s pick for the Western Conference. Dallas we’d have a better chance against.

Game On.

(all of the above smack talk could be subject to change, depending on how lucky the Av’s get)



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One thought on “tonight’s win over colorado…

  1. I just want you to know that every time I visit your blog and it has a post about hockey, I feel like I’ve wasted those few seconds of my life. They’re starting to add up…

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