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a good week.

It was almost TOO easy. Detroit has toppled the Colorado Avalanche in a 4-0 sweep. Last night wasn’t even a match up. With a final score of 8-2, it was a bit ridiculous. I’m glad we’re heading to the Western Conference Finals (probably against Dallas)….but I’m also a bit disappointed.

This is the first time we faced Colorado in the playoffs since 2002. Back between 1996 and 2002, the rivalry was FIERCE. Huge fights, double overtimes, and hockey that made your blood pump just watching it. So this year, when it was released that we were to face off once more…….naturally, I got excited.

…and this isn’t me just being arrogant because the Wings are the best team ever…but seriously, how did these guys even make the playoffs? I was hoping for rivalry. All we got was a few practices between Quarterfinals and Finals.

Meanwhile….having a great week! Finished up my first month of curriculum for CREDO Magazine (see link on the right). Usually I just write devos for them, but they gave me a chance at this….we’ll see if they can use anything I wrote. Had a great night with the youth wednesday night talking about “Identities”. There are so many of them who define themselves by things or life situations…and I’m praying they heard something we talked about.

And finally, this weekend!! Today I get to go down to Greenville College and help teach a youth ministry class. A little intimidated here…cause I’m not sure how much I’m doing right. But God can use it. My brother and his wife are coming to visit tonight, and we’re all headin’ up to see my sister graduate tomorrow from ONU!!!! WOOT. Then Sunday, it’s back to Decatur for Sophie’s dedication service!! (10:45 at Moundford, you’re invited!) Followed by an evening baptism service!!! (not of Sophie….but some great friends at church….6pm…come to this too!)

Next weekend….Western Conference Finals…game on.



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