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humbling…and encouraging…

So this morning I posted a few thoughts on Anne Rice’s new book, “The Road to Cana”. Didn’t think much of it. Random youth pastor in nowhere, IL writes a random blog post. Said some things I liked, and some things I didn’t like. So?

Then I received a comment on my blog. From who? Anne Rice. Holy cow. Really? Surely it’s just a fan, posting on her behalf…(warning, you’re about to see how nerdy I can get)

Checked Google analytics to see where my few visitors were from this morning…one IP Address was from near Palm Desert, CA.

So I checked the book cover to see where she’s from: Rancho Mirage, CA How far is that from where the signal came from?

Looks like it’s legit, folks. Which was a big shocker to me.

Authors are actual humans who interact with the rest of us, and listen to feedback from regular people? Wow. For some reason I don’t think all authors are like this.

Anne, if you for some reason read my blog twice….thanks for the comment, and for reading my thoughts. I really enjoyed the first 2 books, and am looking forward to the 3rd installment as well.

Someday, when I publish my amazing best-seller….I’ll have to let you blog about the part you didn’t like too. haha….seriously though…thanks for being real. It’s encouraging.



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One thought on “humbling…and encouraging…

  1. Thanks for the amusing details about how you tracked me to Rancho Mirage. —- Yes, the message came from me. I like to read what people think of the books. And the internet provides opportunities authors never had before. Most of the actual reviews on the internet come from the true audience for a book. Newspaper and mag interviews are often exactly the opposite. So yes, I roam the blogs and read comments with interest. We may very well have linked to your website from ours. Anne Take care and be well, and thanks again for your kind words. Anne.

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