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____ is like ______….


But Christianity has GOT to be more than just proving that Jesus’s body can’t be found, right?

But why?

“Using historical arguments for Jesus’s bodily resurrection as ultimate ground for the truth of Easter is like lighting a candle to see if the sun has risen. The curtain must be drawn back, and when the light pours in through, changing our perspectives on everything…it’s not that we don’t value the candle anymore, but simply is has been overtaken by the larger reality from which it borrowed.” (paraphrased from “Suprised by Hope”, N.T. Wright)

Mmmm…now that’s a tasty simile.

Have you heard any good simile’s recently? (a comparison using “like” or “as”)

Tell me…


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One thought on “____ is like ______….

  1. the most memorable simile I ever heard (can’t remember what it was a simile for or even what it meant) was:‘like a woman on a raft’.

any thoughts?

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