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TRINITY (a very silly post)

I used to want to name a daughter Trinity. (no thanks to the Matrix)

But being that today is Trinity Sunday, I wanna give a shout out to the 3-in-1 God.
Recognizing that there is only one God…but that separating different aspects of this God allows us a much deeper understanding/experience of that God.

No way I could describe any of these aspects completely, and even here, it might be more helpful if all of the following words wrapped around in a giant squiggly circle or something, and moved out of your screen towards you, and drew you into them as well….but that’d be one heck of a programming feat.

To the Father -(the Giver) Who is really more “parent” and “source” than Father. All the attributes that make up a good parenting foundation, and so much more than we can put into words. The creator. The source from which all things came, and the authority by which all things are accomplished. The definition of all existence. Who IS Justice. Who’s nature is Love. Who does not “send people to Hell”, but simply gives us each freedom to respond to His Love. Whether you believe all things came into being in an actual 7 days, or you believe God used other methods over longer periods of time….whether you believe God’s gonna “rapture” us all the heck outta here, or you believe God is going to establish His new creation and do something crazy new somewhere around here……you gotta admit…God is a pretty Good source.

To the Son – (the Gift) Who can only do what He sees His Father doing. Who stands as crucified, and yet resurrected ahead of all of creation. Who is present in Spirit, and will one day be completely present again. Who is Lord over all creation, because in Him we see our Hope. Who has given us an example of “human” that is a pretty good guide. Humble, but knowing what’s right. Becoming obedient to death. Not so much to show us how to die. Not even to show us that He has power to “defeat” death. But simply to reveal that death does not hold victory over us. Death is not the final word…and anyone who would wield death as a weapon is just as empty as it.

To the Spirit (of Jesus) – (the Giving) Who is never stagnant. Almost impossible to describe, because a description nails something down. Always moving, always transforming, in all ways redeeming, restoring, making things new. Through whom Christ is present with us, and we have Hope for TODAY, instead of simply waiting for a brighter tomorrow. Working in our world, and somehow using and involving us, breathing new life, grace, and love into moments of our lives. Overlooked by a church that would rather “know” what’s going on, and abused by a church that wants to “control” what’s going on….we yield our notions to you. Move us as you move.

May our Church, and all of creation echo this God more and more…(on earth as it is in Heaven)



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