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Kauai Coffee Company…

So last night, I finally was able to roast some of my green coffee beans purchased on the island of Kauai. We had visited the Kauai Coffee Company, which boasts the number one island-grown product on Kauai – their coffee. We took a tour of their coffee plants, and learned a bit more about their specific processes and history. They have several different types of beans/roasts…among the best is there “private reserve”.

I could have purchased some of their roasted private reserve coffee for $14 per 10 oz. bag.

Or, I could purchase one pound (16 oz.) of their same reserve coffee, but unroasted, for $7 per bag.

It doesn’t take long to realize the better value. And having the beans green allows me to have several different types of roast, depending on how I make them at home!

Seriously….get down with roasting your coffee. It’s pretty easy. Here’s my post from when I first began…..and it gets easier.

Last night I roasted about half a pound over the burner on my grill outside. It’s a medium roast, with a bit of a citrus taste to it. Takin’ it to small group tonight…we’ll see their opinion.

ps. VBS is going well this week at church! Sarah’s Co-Directing it, and here are some pictures you can check out!!!



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One thought on “Kauai Coffee Company…

  1. Yummy. We love roasting our own coffee…well I love it being as my main squeeze STILL does not drink it! I tell you after 5 years of marriage you think the man would have taken at least one sip of coffee but he has not!!!!!!!!!! Keep working on him, wear him down, make him one of us~ a coffee drinker! Glad VBS is going well. Im heading over to words from a stay at home momma now…oh check out Puka on our site. 🙂

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