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yard work…

So one of the things I didn’t think of much when we were in the house-buying process, was the fact that along with a house comes a yard. Probably because we were looking within city limits, which means our yard size was not that formidable, and it would probably consist of MAYBE a tree or two, and some grass. Piece of cake, right?

Apparently, it becomes a piece of cake once you retire. Which is cool with me…at that point, you’ve reached the sabbath of life, and have earned the right to kick back, stay healthy, and keep a beautifully pruned garden. (although even when I retire, I think I’d rather not care)

When we bought this house, the front and back had already been really well designed. Complete with a row or two of bricks, different levels of plants and shrubbery, and even some colorful blooms in both Spring AND Summer…we were impressed.

But when you have 2 kids under the age of two, a full time job that includes weekends usually, and no experience or desire in upkeeping such things (probably the most important aspect of the 3)….several levels of shrubbery quickly become several levels of weeds. And oh man…weeds aren’t just dandelions anymore. We got weeds the size of small trees.

My weedwacker takes some mysterious blend of gas and oil that I can never remember, or care to mix….so I don’t use it. My lawn mower is from the 70’s…but at least I can chomp down the first level of weeds with it. But the upper levels in the back yard have begun to look like a small rainforest.

For now, I think it’s okay. There’s a dog in the yard behind us that always jumps a little too high, and barks a little too loud for us to be comfortable having Addison greet it. We’d thought about putting in a solid wooden fence back there to replace the chain link one in place. But for now….a small rain forest will help seperate my daughters from the beast on the other side.

When I retire….well….we’ll probably be rich and living in Forsyth by that point, right?



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