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for my fellow decaturians….

Just a quick note of advertisement:

If you’re ever looking for a quick lunch, that’s affordable and stinkin’ awesome….if the weather is nice….head downtown Decatur to Central Park.

This is where my information is lacking, so if you can fill in any gaps, please comment.

There’s a woman who, when she’s not busy with guests at home, and when the weather is pleasant, and when she feels like it…has a lunch stand set up. She’s not associated with any local restaurants, she’s just a retired woman who does this as a profitable hobby on the side. She’s friendly, and is usually just chillin’ with a book, or singin’ whatever song is playin’ on her iPod dock.

I’ve seen her before, but never ordered anything. Today I considered it my civic duty to support her. After looking at her sign, with about 10 choices on it, I decided to be adventurous. I ordered the “Havana Dreamin”, or something like that. The description under it said:

“Chicken, plantains, yellow rice, sausage – salsa, cheese, and cilantro”

I imagined being handed a small plate of stir-fry type foods, mixed with the above ingredients. Until she began toasting a large bun…that’s when I knew something was different that I’d imagined.

It ended up being a sausage, filled with chicken, plantains, and yellow rice. It was placed on a freshly toasted wheat bun, and topped with fresh salsa, crumbled cheese, and fresh cilantro. Holy cow….it was awesome.

A little expensive for a sausage, at $4.50…but you get what you pay for. She does have a straight up all beef hot dog for $2.50 for the less adventurous. As well as Jones pop or Green Tea to wash it all down.

Anywho…she deserves free advertising, so if you’re from Decatur, IL get down there to Central Park and eat something. Tell her Wick sent you. (she won’t know what u mean, but if enough people do it, maybe I’ll get a free hot dog someday)



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