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Days off…(the morning)

5:45 – the internal alarm goes off. This is it!! No sounds yet from either daughter.

Thoughts of cinnamon scones, and fresh darkly roasted, infinitely refilled coffee. Stay composed.

Shower. Carry the baby into bed with my wife, so she doesn’t have to get up when the hunger strikes.

Which book? The current read only has 80 pages or so left, not enough to last the hours ahead.

Crime and Punishment? Recently arrived in the mail, but a dense read. Not sure if I’m ready to shed the burden “What is the What” has placed on my heart/mind. No, a lighter read is still needed.

“The Book of Lost Things”, arrived along with Dostoyevsky’s work. Although it feels awkward, leaving the previous Koonz novel just barely finished, at such an action-packed moment…..I didn’t want to bring two large books into Panera with me. I already appear a nerd….no need to confirm it.

Out the door by 6am, the drive allowing Panera to put it’s finishing touches out there, and be sure to stock the 4 coffee choices (2 never touched by me) before I arrive.

I order “a cinnamon scone, and a coffee in a mug please”. This (in a mug) lets them know I intend to eat on location, as the site of a large book never seemed enough to convince them. I settle into my corner, where I can see the people coming and going, but can also become completely engrossed in story when I choose.

Time passes. I’ve gotten permission to 9:30am…but imagine my wife attempting to prepare for the day with both girls screaming from corners of the house.

8:50am – really enjoying the book. An easy read. A boy who has lost his mother, and escapes a war-torn landscape in imagination….or reality? Probably too easy, at a level intended for younger readers. But I still feel it’s length makes it a proper book for a 26 year old to journey. I finish my chapter, relinquish my mug, and head home.

I’ve traveled distant lands, had an incredible morning, and the entire day lays ahead, unspoiled.

The stuff sighs are made of. 🙂


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3 thoughts on “Days off…(the morning)

  1. In a mug or in a to-go cup is always a tough choice! The taste is much better from a mug because you get all the coffee oils that get left behind in a paper cup but you can’t fill up an extra time to take “one for the road.My standard at Panera… Always get the to-go cup even when eating in. Their coffee isn’t good enough to make that much a difference and you get the added value of taking it with you 🙂

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