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off the ice…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something about hockey, so deal with it. 🙂

Some may wonder, when the Cup’s been hoisted, and the new hats worn. When the crowds go home, and lights go out on a season. When the excitement begins for next years draft picks…

What is happening with Lord Stanley’s Cup? It was awarded, right? So what does the team DO with it?

If you’ve ever wondered, you NEED to check this out. The Stanley Cup has it’s own BLOG. Once a week or so, usually on Friday, it’s updated with where the cup has been lately. Each member of the organization is allowed to spend a day with the Cup, doing whatever they want that day. Of course, the keeper of the Cup must travel with, in order to keep things safe. The joke being, if a player wants to sleep with the Cup, the keeper says “scoot over”.

Not even sure how to describe how Tomas Holmstrom must have felt last month, as his two-month old daughter Alva was allowed this collision of special meaning…

Yup, that’s right…baptized using the Stanley Cup. Among other activities, the Cup has served as the world’s best beer stein, world’s best cereal bowl (for the kids), baby bathtub (and toilet on accident a couple times), champagne flute, snack bowl, birthday cake dish, etc…each player coming up with their own unique take on the special moments allowed them.

But overall, even with the cleaning/sanitizing/dirtying it goes through. It remains “The Stanley Cup”. Celebrations in various cities inevitably include close family friends, and local townspeople, all proud of the man bringing home the cup. Evoking pride, emotion, excitement, reverence, awe, and the joy of hockey for all who are able to come near, and especially touch it.



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