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analytical fun…

So in the midst of my crazy “blogging-almost-daily” for the past month or so, I’ve realized some trends in my blog readers.

Things like:

I average around 20 to 40 hits per day.

More visits from CA to my blog this month (95) than TN (42). But people from TN spent more time (56 sec. avg.) than CA (10 sec. avg.)

You don’t enjoy reading about what I’m reading. (for the most part) Days where I talked about either “Holiness” or “Crime and Punishment” were significantly lower readership than the blog I posted about flip flops.

Friendly Atheist gave me my largest readership EVER (for a day, thanks Hemant), thanks to his blog about my blog. I totaled 478 visits that day!!! But on average, I usually only get 7 a month from being listed on his “blogroll” as a believer.

Most of you find this blog either through my wife’s blog, or through our church’s website.

Someone actually found my blog by searching for “dont stop a-rockin to the bang bang boogie” on google. (I tried it…didn’t work for me….weird)

51% of you use Firefox, 40% use Internet Explorer and need to be saved.

Most of my Canadian traffic comes from Edmonton.

All in all – thanks for reading. Also to my 20 subscribers (sign up on the right!), I wouldn’t want to forget them….I’m glad each of you is inclined to somehow connect to what is going on in my brain/life. 🙂 God bless all 820 unique visitors from this past month.

And thanks to Google Analytics for helping me know all this. 🙂



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