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…but as for humanity…

In the past few months, there have been more than one organization or publication or story that I grabbed onto, and gave my 2 cents worth. 2 Cents that if someone from that group read it, would probably rather have me keep to myself. I wanted to remind my reader that as much as I am not a fan of some organizations, or some “things”, I’m still very much a fan of the humans that are a part of them. I should also probably add, that I’m human…and totally imperfect.

I received a comment yesterday on my post about a Christian Video Game fundraiser. I immediately felt kinda bad, because it seems his company’s efforts to produce family friendly educational opportunities that use today’s media – got attached to someone else’s attempts to turn a buck. After a short dialogue with Mr. Dotson, I gotta give the mouse a lil’ love. And him kudos for even caring what my 3 readers thought of his stuff.

Let me clear it up – Charlie Church Mouse is from a pretty decent organization, LifeLine Studios, that looks like its purpose IS actually to partner with teachers and parents to education children. To educate them in a way that doesn’t have to sell out to one worldly advertiser or another.

Unfortunately, they can’t just “expect” for the general public to know about and purchase their product, so they have to use another company for that. In this case, Inspired Media. Who is trying also to push their “Left Behind” type games/theology on the younger generations…and offer churches the ability to fund raise while supporting it all.

So just to re-cap, LifeLine Studios = Good. Inspired Media = Bad, or at least just plain silly.

Here’s where we can make it up to them, and maybe even help them get the ability to separate themselves from the nuts over at Inspired Media. GO CHECK OUT CHARLIE CHURCH MOUSE on Lifeline Studios website. THIS LINK is to a few free demos they have available to let your kids mess with.

(okay so it’s still a little creepy, but so is Barney, Foofa, and Brobee; and kids love them)


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