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there you go…

The sign outside our hotel said it all, “Days Inn – There You Go”. We’ve just returned from an Anderson family vacation. It wasn’t Vegas. It wasn’t Hawaii. Nope, Wheel of Fortune played no role in this one. It was just a getaway from the routines of life to refresh and spoil our kids with a little one on one time.

Sure, we saw the Reindeer Ranch as it began to rain thursday night. A few minutes in the pool area. Spent time at the Mall in Champaign’s play area. A couple hours at the Children’s Museum in Champaign. Hit Curtis Orchard on the way home for a wagon ride and some fresh donuts.

But the spectacular wasn’t found in activities this trip. It wasn’t found in incredible scenery or entertainment.

We stayed at the Day’s Inn in Rantoul. The city where you’re not tempted to go out and do tons of fun things, because there’s really nothing to do. In a hotel where many of the rooms are under construction, the breakfast is toast and juice, and they don’t turn lights on in the main area until it’s too dark to walk, to save money.

So where was the spectacular? Hearing our daughter sing to songs in the car she’d apparently known for some time now, but is usually too shy to let us hear. Taking Addison to a buffet for her first experience of “eat whatever you want” American gluttony. Reminding myself that Sophie does a WHOLE lot more than just eat and poop. Watching TV on the internet with my wife, even the episodes I’ve already seen.

Seeing smiles and hearing laughter in moments that usually life is too busy to enjoy. Being reminded that they’re there throughout my week, right here at home.

It is good. 🙂


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2 thoughts on “there you go…

  1. We had that kind of weekend and did not even leave home. Rather refreshing, huh? I am glad you all had such a nice time together! Next time, bring the Brabson back some donuts. 🙂

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