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another bad illustration..

Every once in a while, a teenager will ask a hard question. Harder than most adults, usually, mainly because adults sometimes shut of their ability to appear confused/humbled. The question that comes up often is the “why did God have to come as Jesus…why not just save the world and be done with it?”

I’m not sure. That’s usually my response. Followed by a discussion about how greatful we can be about why it DID happen the way it did. How much love it conveys. How much we learn about humility, and grace, and the beauty of life/creation/etc.

I used as a quickly made up children’s message the other day, an illustration I kinda like. Sometimes we take Addie to a play place. Whether DQ, or McDonalds, or elsewhere. There’s always a chance she may get hurt/stuck/lost while on her journey through the playland. If that was to happen, I could crawl in after her, and drag her out. It would be an illustration of my abilities, both physical and mental, in view of the beast of a playplace. 🙂

Now imagine, out of love for my daughter, and desire for her to fully experience the playplace, I become a 2 year old WITH her. We journey through the tubes together, she follows me, and by my presence, she gains hope that she’s not alone and eventually it all works out. It wouldn’t make sense, me becoming a 2 year old to experience it with her. But it sure would help me connect better with her, and give her an understanding of how deep my love for her goes. Especially by letting go of all the strengths/abilities/powers of a parent, and becoming a child with her.

I still don’t understand the cosmos, and I wouldn’t pretend to. I’m not sure why God has worked redemption of all creation the way He has. But I sure do appreciate it. May we remember this Christmas, the Christ-child who says, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers’ of men”, and leads us to death on a cross….



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