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You may remember my post about atheist bus ads back around Christmas. The atheist community has continued to find new cities to bring these ads to, in many different forms. Christians responding to the ads range from a bus advertising jihad to turning a blind eye.

Among all the possible responses, Mike Clawson posted a blog on The Friendly Atheist recently, pointing to a posting by Eugene Cho on God’s Politics’ Blog. I enjoyed what he has to say. Here are a few highlights:

“I suspect that in the near future, some Christian group or folks here in Seattle will fund a set of new ads in response to these ads. And then at that point, I’d like to launch my own campaign and Web site called:


Don’t buy that url. It’s mine. Anyway, in an earlier post, I shared three reasons why I think these ads can be good:

1. Christians shouldn’t feel entitled to anything. We live in a larger marketplace — if you will — and we need to compete to have our voice expressed and heard. Maybe it’s my upbringing in San Francisco and living the past 12 years in Seattle, but while at times it’s tiresome, I enjoy living in a culture and context where the culture isn’t dominated by the christianese subculture. Being a follower of Christ isn’t part of the cultural expectation but a choice that one must live out.

2. I find it funny that “atheists” are identified by an opposition to the belief of God. It’s a reactive belief system. To atheists: What is your purpose?

3. Conversation. They’ve invested tons of money in these advertisements and, frankly, it’s probably been the greatest recent catalyst for conversation about God for many people and churches. It’s like free advertisement for theists and Christians.

But seriously, we don’t have to go through this in every international city, do we?”


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