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Draw back the curtain!! SEE that all things are different!!! NEW LIFE! NEW CREATION!!

See beyond the bunnies, eggs, fancy new dresses, pretty hair, and annoying photo opportunities with well-dressed family and friends.

TODAY we celebrate WITH ALL OF CREATION, the inauguration of the Kingdom of God!!! A new way of existing. A new way of living. A new way of everything that was previously broken. The promise that God has begun, and will continue until completion – a work of redemption/restoration for the entire cosmos that includes us as it’s agents/path.

So CELEBRATE! Dance, sing, do things that Free Methodists don’t do on our behalf, and thank God for what He has done, and continues to do!!! Love, without expecting anything in return. Forgive, without reserve.

Be raised to NEW LIFE, and LIBERATED from the chains that have held you back. Try something new and exciting this week – that you never thought you’d be willing to do. Color outside the lines. Go to the altar before (gasp) the call comes. Stand up and thank Jesus during the sermon, because you couldn’t hold it back…

“Using historical arguments for Jesus’s bodily resurrection as ultimate ground for the truth of Easter is like lighting a candle to see if the sun has risen. The curtain must be drawn back, and when the light pours in through, changing our perspectives on everything…it’s not that we don’t value the candle anymore, but simply is has been overtaken by the larger reality from which it borrowed.” (paraphrased from “Suprised by Hope”, N.T. Wright)



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