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civic duty…

Back in November of 2007, I signed up to be an active citizen by serving my city on any committee they felt needed someone with my limited qualifications. They ended up assigning me to the “Decatur Parking and Traffic Commission“. It’s been a wild ride, let me assure you.

Actually, no. Not too much excitement, but I suppose that’s okay. I still feel like I’m doing something good here. People apply for handicap parking spaces near their homes, and we’re able to oblige. Neighborhoods apply for no parking zones in places of high or dangerous traffic, and we’re able to help out. Overall, we’re looking at the public parking situation in the downtown area, trying to figure out how to stop losing the city so much money. Etc.

And finally, something near my own home has come before the commission. Here’s a sample of the information we go through before making a decision:You’ll notice, it lists the number of cars going a certain direction on each road. It also lists the average speed per car. In this picture, the bottom stop sign currently exists, and the top stop sign is being proposed. I voted to approve of the stop sign, for the safety of those turning left onto Grand, and those turning left off of Grand. Most of us pretty much stop there anyway, just to be safe. Unfortunately, I just received note yesterday that instead – they’ve decided to put a “oncoming traffic does not stop” sign somewhere out there. Although I’m not sure what that will do. We’ll watch and see, I suppose.

Wow. What a rush. 🙂


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