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Ruby Anne Anderson

I went out to watch the Wings’ game at Buffalo Wild Wings. While there, we saw my wife’s OB doctor. I joked about grabbing him on the way out the door if anything happened. But honestly? I didn’t expect to see him again until Thursday morning, as scheduled.

We left during first intermission. When I got home, Sarah had been tracking contractions for about 20 minutes, but wasn’t too concerned. We were appropriately aware to continue tracking for a bit. After an hour of solid 4-7 minute intervals between them, we decided to come in and check things out.

We arrived at ten, and the contractions were coming more steady, and more intense. Many moments came where I continued to be thankful for my wife offering her body up as a sacrifice for producing another life for our family. Her pain increased. We were in uncharted waters, as our first two daughters were both induced. It seemed like this time, it would just “happen”.

At about 1am Wednesday morning, Sarah finally received her epidural. Whew. I know some moms are VERY adamant that these are bad things….risks and all. I can see where they come from. Good for them. 🙂 For us (her specifically, me only sympathetically), we are medicine people. 🙂

Pressure increased, and it was go time. Around 1:50 or so…the stage was set. Fast forward through details I won’t go into….and at 2:13am Ruby Anne arrived. 7 Pounds, 7 Ounces. 21.5 inches long. Our third girl. Third princess. Third car seat in our (not a minivan) crossover.

Looking forward to what is still to come….

ps. Mommy and baby are doing great, feeling good, and ready to figure out each others’ schedules. 😉 Although we’re all a bit tired.

pps. Detroit lost the game last night. Which is fine. We wanted them to have to play in Detroit, and on NBC for the Cup Saturday. This ensures a game 5. Woot.



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