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“Psychiatrist David Burns notes that is is not another person’s compliment or approval that makes us feel good; rather, it is OUR belief that there is validity to the compliment.” – From “The Life You’ve Always Wanted” by John Ortberg.

He gives a quick illustration of someone from a psychiatric ward rushing up to you and saying God revealed to him the 13th person he sees is incredible special. You’re that 13 person, so you are so very special.

Would your self esteem rise much? Probably not.

Moving towards ordination over the past 6 years has had thoughts like this running through my brain. I believe that God can work through ordination in unexplainable and Spirit-sourced ways. But why does it matter who ordains/how it’s done? Why do I consider it important that an entire denomination collectively says “yes” to the work God is accomplishing through me?

The answer in this regard would be, my belief in what God has done/is doing through the Free Methodist Church. I have gained tremendous respect/reverence for the history/location/future of this group of God’s people. The roots in Kingdom building, caring for the poor and social injustice, while not neglecting Holiness and salvation from sin itself, have drawn me in since the start. The size and polity of the denomination, have continued to echo that same draw.

I believe that while no denomination is perfect, and even debating about which ones have “more right” than others doesn’t often help much, I have felt both drawn by and led to what seems to be a great fit. A “home” of sorts, even. I love this church.

Granted….I love the Church even more.

But in the next few days I will take this relationship to the next level, both submitting to and being privileged by ordination within this denomination. The blessing, and the accountability for the journey together offers more than I can imagine, and I look forward to it…


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