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Rev. Chadwick Oring Anderson

When I was 16 years old, in 1998, I mentioned to my youth pastor that I felt a call to full time ministry. He assisted me in beginning that journey within the accountability of the church by getting my local ministers license at Lansing South Church of the Nazarene.
I attended college at Olivet Nazarene University, earning a degree in Youth Ministry. Pastoring full time for two years in Cedar Rapids, Iowa; I received my District Ministers’ License. I continued towards ordination.

We moved to be closer to family, and in that transition God has led us to the Free Methodist Church, where we have found a new home and church family. My District Credentials were transferred, and I had a few classes to take, to ensure my Wesleyan/Biblical backgrounds were there. Passing those classes (all A’s!!!), and putting in three years of full time ministry, I was approved for ordination in the Free Methodist Church.

And so, on June 27th, 2009, it happened…

And so it has begun anew…

To all who have been a part of this journey, are a current part, or will be involved down the road….thanks. 🙂 To our family and close friends. To those who have influenced me in ministry (all probably should have “Rev.” or “Dr.” or some other title in front of them): Cal Kring, Don Weston, Stephen Campbell, Harold Demott, Dan Boone, Kevin Donoho, Dale Wine, George Wolff, Timothy Carter, Michael Jackson, Greg Groves, Roy Abbott, and no doubt countless others who are now offended I didn’t mention you.

Looking forward to the Kingdom that is, and is to come…


Husband, Father, Pastor, Missionary, Writer, Poet, Friend, reader, coffee enthusiast, hockey Wing-Nut, musical participator, etc...

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