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1 to 10

There was a moment during Leadership Summit (previously called “Annual Conference”), which is similar to “District Assembly” for you Nazarenes out there, when one of our Missions spokespeople came forward. He began to share about our activities in various places.

Many of us know that the roots of Free Methodism, and the heart of Holiness Churches in General, usually involves a great deal of ministry to the poor and disenfranchised. The widow. The orphan. Those without a voice. We believe the gospel gives that emphasis, and we see it embodied in Jesus Christ.

For a long time, “those without a voice”, etc. referred to inner cities. The poor. The ones who lived on the streets. The homeless. The hungry. These remain still, as the “least of these” we find a call to solidarity with. But as the world has become more and more connected, with information and travel itself becoming more and more available worldwide, we see that the best parts of some other countries – are still worse than our darkest hidden inner cities.

It is with that in mind, that I was very encouraged by what our missions guy was saying about our denomination. Denominations world-wide generally are all involved in overseas mission work. Most of these have rations of 1 to 2, or 1 to 3…sometimes 1 to 4. That means for every “one” person here in the US, there are 2 or 3 or 4 members overseas.

The ratio for members in the Free Methodist Church is 1 to 10. Now, I realize this is no guarantee we’re in these “least of these” areas overseas. But it does feel good to be a part of a denomination that recognizes where large amounts of effort should go towards caring for the sick, the broken, those without a voice, etc…


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