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Over 3 years ago, I moved into my office at Moundford Free Methodist Church.

I’m not a decorator. I re-arranged the furniture in the office my first week, and it’s been the same ever since. A couch along one wall, a few chairs, and a desk facing the wall so I can turn to be with a small group if I want, as opposed to facing them over my official-ness.

Over the years, I’ve collected a few small tokens of love from teens and children. Pictures/doodles that were drawn (probably when they should have been listening to someone 🙂 ), etc. Some I’ve stored, some I’ve filed, and some randomly selected – I taped on the wall by my desk.

This past week, momentously, I put nails in a few spots on my office walls. I said “no more” to taping things college dorm style. I took down things dated from June 2006 that were clear taped to the wall. My office now looks (almost) like an office. I still have one opening. It’s for something….no clue what yet.

The items that are hung? My ordination certificate. A picture of the ordination moment. My college diploma. A giant painting done by Linda Harmon (local friend/artist/neighbor) that was simply sitting in her garage that she’s allowed me to hang cause I think it demands to be seen. Finally, a framed color print of the former “Lambs Club” on 44th Street, New York City. A few months after 9/11, some of us from BURPO were able to minister to the city based out of the “Lambs Club Church of the Nazarene”.

That trip would have to be one of the most impactful trips of my life. For the time spent with the brothers….the ministry done in such a wounded city/time….the cultures met and all too obvious need for God’s Spirit/Love…..and a church that embraced artistic endeavors as a means of bringing/revealing God to His people.

Unfortunately, apparently through “eminent domain” – the building was more valuable to the city redeveloped. Nevermind the incredible history of artists who were members when it was the Lambs Club. Nevermind the incredible location/ability to minister to the heart of Times Square.

Slated to open later this year, after a long period of greedy wallets waiting….The Chatwal New York. Luxory hotel. Although they did name the giant ridiculously overpriced restaurant on top of it “The Lambs Club”. I’m sure someone believes they should get a pat on the back for historical integrity there.

On a positive note, the Lambs Church is still going strong in a new location, and offering new ways of proclaiming His Kingdom still today.

When in NYC, a large part of our work was re-painting and repairing many of the walls – inside and out – of the Lambs Club.

I still believe the Kingdom work we did during the time spent there was eternal.

So may we call continue to decorate/change/paint/repair the walls around us. Even if they appear to be torn down soon after. The Kingdom is, is coming, and is to come…



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