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nine – eleven.

You’ve probably received the e-mail by now, the one that reminds you to “fly your flag” in remembrance of September 11th, 2001. Honestly, we don’t have a flag or even a flag pole anywhere outside my house, and I’m okay with that. However I do find it unfortunate that, at least in the version I received, someone had written “Obama is trying to downplay this event!”. Making an obvious politically charged statement for selfish reasons in the midst of something that was probably started with good intentions.

Obama actually added to the “Patriot Day” by recommending a moment of silence at 8:46am this morning, on top of all the flags being at half-staff. (If you missed it, I’m sure it could still be an honorable endeavor…take a moment now.)

As Patriotic as we tend to get about this day, and the moment we remember on it, it can be easy to miss the larger picture. On September 11th, 2001 – we saw the brokenness of our world on a grand scale. What usually relegates itself to “getting mine” in the world, and driving like the road was made specifically for me, that day was manifested in something much larger. Some parts political, some parts religious zeal, man turned on fellow man, choosing for them that day would be their last. Innocent men, women, and children from all over the globe were killed.

As Christians, may we remember. But not remember as an isolated event, out of the ordinary, and impacting the United States of America. May we remember/have vision to see this as another symptom of a broken world that God has promised and has begun making new. An event that unites us in calling out to Christ, Come Lord Jesus, Come.

An event that calls us to yield control of whatever plane we may be threatening to crash to make a point. Calls us to put others before ourselves. Calls us to LOVE others in the name of God, not desire to overpower, control, or silence those who don’t believe with us. Calls us to be servants to a world who will take advantage of that.

And may it all begin anew, with today’s’ moments of silence…


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