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Sport of any Season – Gennis

Right now many of you golfers may be longing for greener pastures. Literally. You’ve put your clubs away and submitted to natures suggestion that you wait until next Spring to try again. But there’s a long time between now and then, and you probably don’t play hockey.

Here’s what you do:

1. Grab your 7 iron. Heck, go to Salvation Army and grab a few 7 irons. Then go by a used sporting goods store, and get yourself a few tennis balls.

2. Select a course. A large public area, like a park, college campus, or even a (safe) neighborhood.

4. Create the course. 9 hole or 18 hole, depending on the area you’ve chosen. Most neighborhood courses should probably be limited to 9. Before you invite anyone else, map out the area. Select where the tees are, and where the holes will be. A hole can be anything you want the ball to make contact with. When choosing a hole, be sure not to use humans, animals, or easily damageable objects. Once you’ve created a hole, play it to see what you think Par should be. Write it down.

5. Now that you have your course map, and Par list, invite some friends to play (me especially). Offer them a 7 iron you got for cheap, and they’ll be your best friend for a day.

6. Remember that as a Gennis player, there are certain standards we have to uphold. Keep this in mind when playing through roads, yards, and around people who might be actually using the park as a…..park.

There’s a history of Gennis somewhere online….you can thank the good people of BURPO for proselytizing the beautiful idea, and if you’re a student at ONU, just ask a BURPO for the course information.

If you live in or near Decatur, IL…we’ve created a GENNIS course for Moundford Free Methodist Church…talk to Pastor Wick for a copy!!!

Simple as that. Golf with a tennis ball. Gennis. Enjoy.


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