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last night.

A quick lesson from my daughter:

Right now, Addie is a big fan of using the words “last night”. Only, it’s not always in the context of “what did you do last night, Addie?” With her responding, “Well, I played with my princesses.”

It’s more like, she will think of something that happened in the past. Maybe it was a day ago. Or this morning. Or a week ago. Or a year ago. Or maybe even just talked about at one point way back when. She will say “last night, __________”. I understand. Mommy understands. But other people may wonder why we had a birthday party, or ate cereal with milk, or watched fireworks “last night”.

It’s a simple problem, that as she grows we’ll address at some point. But it’s so stinkin’ cute right now, the general public will have to deal with it.

I borrow her error as a way of illustrating something larger. We all know, or might be, people who live as if the past was “last night”. And not just last night today, but last night every day. Whether:

1. Last night really was last night. Caught up in a life or lifestyle that I don’t know how to be released from, I repeat the same things over and over again. My identity is very caught up in that being a part of my present.

2. Last night was a long time ago, but I continue to live with it as a burden. I blame myself for it, or feel like others see “it” when they look at me. My identity is very caught up in that being a part of my past.

To both of these situations, we find Jesus entering the scene as someone who releases the prisoner. Not only releases, but redefines…offering not only assistance when we repent, but an entirely NEW identity in Christ. Offers the ability for us to have a new relationship with our past, redeemed and re-created from out of it. Offers the freedom for us to follow Him with our lives TODAY, through whatever sacrifices that might mean.

May we as a community be people who have been freed from our “last nights”, and seek that same freedom for those God has called us to Love…



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